PPM LLC is the Rental Property Management Company that will give you your fully customizable Rental Management program.  Owners Nathan and Chris have dedicated their careers to serving the real estate, maintenance and repairs of our investors and customers.  Nathan in a licensed Real Estate Broker who has been helping investors buy real estate for more than 15 years!  Nathans real estate and investor experience gives PPM an experienced partner to manage your rental properties.

Chris is a licensed General Contractor and has been servicing the quick repair REO industry for more than 13 years!  His experience owning his own Rentals as well his experience managing REO and Vacant homes gives PPM clients the satisfaction your investment will be in good hands and repaired properly when needed!

PPM LLC Clients and Investors services include but are not limited to:

  • PPM Management and PreservPros Repairs are seamless for you and your tenants.  One detailed statement from PPM is all you will receive each month!  Tenants will contact PPM and PreservPros though our central phone number, e-mails and Management System.

  • Tenant Portal - Tenants can pay rent directly thru ACH, debit or Credit Card; request repairs and communicate with PPM/PreservPros.

  • Tenants can go directly to our management software, complete a repair form and send us photos.  We can communicate directly with the tenants and you, the owner.

  • Owner Portal - Owners can see monthly deposits and status of tenants payments and repairs at your convenience.

  • Owner E-mail Communication - If repairs are needed, PPM/PreservPros will use e-mail as our primary source of communication.  Non-emergency repair requests, documentation and photos (if any) of repairs completed will be sent to your e-mail.  

  • Pre-approved Repair Allowance - Have a pre-approved repair allowance and PPM/PreservPros will complete repairs as needed quickly protecting both owner and tenant property!  You will receive notification of the repair and any photos we may have via e-mail when the repair is complete up to the allowance amount.

  • Most smaller repairs can be completed within 24-48 hours of approval.

  • Don’t want a repair allowable?  That is ok, we can send you an estimate every time a repair is needed. (We will always recommend at least a small monthly allowable for repairs so that we can keep our tenants happy and your properties properly maintained.)

  • Need a quote for capital repairs?  We can even give you a guaranteed quote! (Guarantee applies to known repairs or repairs specific to details in the quote.  Additional charges may apply if scope of repair changes, even if it changes while on-site.)

  • Emergency repairs where tenant or owner safety or property damage can occur will be dealt with in the most efficient manner possible regardless of remaining allowable to ensure the safety of tenants and owner property.  Once the issue is stable, we will request additional funds to finish the repair if needed.

  • Yearly Inspections.  Included in your full Management package is 1 Building and 1 Unit inspection per year.  You will receive an e-mailed copy of these inspections showing you what was found, repair items that need to be repaired and show you possible capital repair items that will be needed soon.  Quotes can accompany these capital repairs.

  • HVAC Checks – For a small fee of $45 each, we can service standard Furnace and AC units.  Included with this fee is Burner compartment check, temperature, speed & CO2 check, basic unit cleaning and a basic filter.

  • General Repairs are invoiced at materials plus Labor.  First hour is always billed at the hour rate, each additional hour is invoiced per quarter hour.  Save $5/hour on labor when you have a full Management package with PPM/PreservPros

  • Easy Pay – For repairs completed within approved allowable, we will take that off the next month’s payments to you.  You will receive a detailed log of monies we received and what we spent.  You will also get an e-mail after repairs showing what we did and the estimated total cost.  Want to pay by Credit Card or Check, we can do that as well.  Just contact the office.

  • We have a large list of credentialed trade professionals in our list of trusted sub-contractors including licensed electricians, licensed plumbers and licensed HVAC professionals!

  • PreservPros Inc is a Licensed Dwelling Contractor in the state of Wisconsin and can pull permits as needed for any building permit necessary.

  • Our in-house field staff can complete most general repairs including but not limited to minor plumbing repairs, drywall repairs, gutter repairs, sump pump repairs, tuckpointing, broken doors, steps and handrails and many other common repairs!

  • Have a vacancy, we can fill it for you or we can help you find and screen potential candidates

  • Have yard work that needs to be done?  A basement that needs to be cleaned out. A moved-out tenant that left all their stuff. We can remove and dispose (Or store if needed to comply with law) and clean up the unit for re-renting!  We can clean up the yard or even add new bushes to increase the curb appeal!  

  • Grass cutting and Snow Removal can be quoted through our Landscape Company!

  • Not sure what you need done?  We will do a site evaluation included in your on-boarding and advise you on things to do, things to maintain and things to put on your long term to do list!